Our commitment to quality and safety

At Aguerri, we comply with all legal requirements and applicable regulations.

In addition, we endorse non-binding EU and international recommendations, and all internal measures that enable us to improve the quality of our products and services, the satisfaction of our customers and the safety of our workplace.

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Aguerri with exponential quality

We are an international leading company in innovation, technology and quality.

We maintain a high level of quality and efficiency in our products, processes and services.

We are continuously involved in R&D&i and develop new products.

We adjust our quality goals to new standards of excellence that emerge over time.

Aguerri and customer satisfaction

We work on a daily basis to improve the prestige of our brand and the excellence of our services.

We take on the challenges and objectives of each project with honesty and loyalty.

We maintain personalised contact with our customers in order to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and expectations.

We offer competitive, reliable and fully transparent services.

We establish plans, strategies and objectives in line with the needs of each customer and project.

Aguerri and the safety and health of our workers

We maintain and constantly improve working conditions in order to achieve the 0-risk index

We preserve, develop and update physical and human resources that guarantee the health and safety of our workers.

We remain at the forefront of global solutions for the analysis and prevention of risk factors in the workplace.

We provide all the necessary resources to meet new health and safety standards that will be established over time.

Our accrediations

We pursue the best way to produce

EN 131 manufacturing standard

ISO EN 14122 manufacturing standard

EN 50308 manufacturing standard

EN 796

NF EN ISO 8501-4

NF 85-015 manufacturing standard

Our ability to believe and improve allows us to cater to our customer needs and to take on board any new standards that are developed.