Improve the performance of your production line

Receive your complete system with a single KIT ready to assemble and use.

We assemble complete systems for safety, security, roof access and complex components, with all elements and sub-assemblies organised and labelled for fast, safe and efficient assembly.

So that you only order once, from a single supplier, and receive everything in an easy-to-assemble KIT.

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Your complete system in a single, ready-to-install KIT

We are a Tier 1 manufacturer and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), with the ability to create new components, procure all the elements of a complex system or component and develop assembly processes that optimise production time, cost and efficiency.

We receive your order and request all the necessary specifications. If necessary, we propose improvements to your system or component.

We manufacture and complete our systems and components with other products made of steel, plastics, screws, etc.

We procure the necessary extra elements through our network of certified and experienced suppliers according to our in-LINK service processes.

We create personalised labels, with your brand, our brand or the brand you request, to catalogue each item of the assembly kit.

We organise and label each package and item that make up the system or complex product, down to the last screw, optimising the packaging by package size and specific rack.

We design a customised guide to make the assembly and welding of the complete kit fast, efficient, safe and accurate.

We send the kit containing absolutely all the parts and items required to complete the system or complex component, in a single shipment, to the place you specify, whether it is the final destination or your own distribution centre.

A single truck arrives at the delivery point,

with your kit conveniently organised and labelled to be fed into your production line.

Camiones en-KIT

Everything conveniently specified so that the technicians and operators in charge of the assembly can do it at once, quickly and safely, without waiting for extra shipments, without collecting and organising components, without the need to plan the assembly.

We already are an
in-KIT manufacturer for major brands.

We ensure the best design, manufacturing and assembly planning, as well as the quality of all components and systems we deliver, while eliminating shipping uncertainties and optimising production times for our customers.



We establish production and component procurement processes based on strict levels of quality, efficiency and sustainability.


We develop comprehensive strategies, from product design to component delivery, that respect the environment, minimise costs and reduce production and delivery times.


We have many years of experience in the industry and a large number of accredited employees.


We have a broad range of certifications in production, management and service standards, product quality and environmental friendliness.

Changes and variations

We can process changes and variations in any orders.


We have a great capacity for design and manufacturing to develop new kits based on the needs of our customers.

Where we are

Our services and products are present in more than 25 countries on 5 continents.

They already think in-KIT

Are you looking for a more efficient production design?

Think in-Kit

We can go where you want

Wherever you are, at Aguerri we can distribute directly from Spain and India to wherever you want.

Are you looking for a more efficient production design?

Think in-Kit