More than 50 years of solid growth

whilst helping our customers grow.

A path towards success.

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historia Aguerri

How we began

Jacinto Aguerri founded Escaleras Aguerri, in Beire (Navarra, Spain), a family business dedicated to the manufacture of wooden ladders in the traditional way, and invented the removable staircase.

Our path towards growth

NWe moved to Polígono La Nava B32 (Navarra, Spain) and started to manufacture a ladder made entirely of fibreglass (FRP), for the electrical sector.

Historia Aguerri 1996-1992

Aluminium comes our way

We started to manufacture aluminium ladders for the renewable energy and construction sectors.

Quality standards

We were awarded the ISO 9001 standard for design and manufacturing quality system in the company.

Historia Aguerri 1998-2007

Our expansion

We opened a new production plant in Polígono Industrial La Nava, in Tafalla (Navarra, Spain).


We opened our first overseas factory in Chennai (India).

New horizons

We designed a new product for which a new thermo-lacquering automation plant was opened in Polígono Industrial La Nava in Tafalla (Navarre, Spain).

Historia Aguerri 2008-2013-2015

Embracing the future

We opened a new robotic line with two different robots, increased production and implemented our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Aiming high

Due to our large production output, we moved to a larger plant in Irungatukkottai (Chennai, India).

Historia Aguerri 2016-2017


We designed a new automotive line that allows us to increase our speed up to 10 times compared to the previous process

Due to the great demand from our customers, we opened a new factory in Tafalla and consolidated the Lean Manufacturing management model.

Capacity and solvency

We opened a new plant in Navarra with an area greater than than 8.000m2 for the production of ladders.

In total, 10 plants are currently in operation.